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The ANPR solution developed with support of worldwide cams producers and plug-in software modules, which provides a highly accurate licence plate recognition solution effective with all known number plate formats, has been integrated with central datastation software.


The application uses license plate recognition software to allow the user to monitor traffic and help with increasing of the clearance on entry and exit of restricted area.

  •  Outstanding recognition accuracy
  •  High vehicle speed
  •  All countries supported
  •  Easy setup and installation including automatic wide range of tools for day/night/backlight conditions


Comfort use for:

  •  Easy integration with standard ticket car park solution
  •  Black and white list support
  •  Dual security level for two kind of user verification (licence plate + proximity badge)
  •  Manual barrier opening with licence plate recognition
  •  Full or silent licence plate monitoring
  •  Event search including licence plates and captured pictures


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