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GSM access control

GSM Moduls
GSM Moduls

GSM Moduls

The following modules  are available for controlling gates via GSM:

  • modules for 1 or 2 equipment
  • modules for mobile phones and remote controls
  • modules for Bluetooth communication
  • modules with Wiegand exit for contactless card readers


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RFID long range reader
RFID long range reader

RFID long range reader

SG33-3GA is a new long range RFID reader featuring compact dimension. This innovative integrated reader is an all-in-one device that operates at a frequency range of 840-960 MHz and is an ideal solution for applications such as intelligent parking management and access control.

  • Easy installation
  • ​System control and management with simple web interface.
  • ​Unlimited authorized users ( stickers )
  • ​Groups for access control by time,days and dates
  • ​Records at least 10000 tag numbers in an internal log.
  • ​Support all 3G/4G Networks
  • ​1 optical solid state relay output.
  • ​3 Indication LED's.
  • ​Operating Power 12VDC.
  • ​Dimensions control box 70x50x20.5mm
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Remote control for GSM modules.

  • Web management - add/remove remote controls and view battery voltage 
  • ​Access permission by hours/days/dates
  • ​Each remote control can be associated to more then one system
  • ​Unique digital ID ( serial number ) and encryption key to each remote control
  • ​Working range up to 100 meters
  • ​Option to choose which button will work, in case of 2 gates in the same range
  • Option to activate a series of remote controls in a few seconds using one Excel file
  • ​Led light indicator
  • ​Easy battery change
  • ​Compatible with all WR-series models
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Car detector
Car detector
Navigation systems
Navigation systems

Navigation systems

- Occupancy detection and LED status display in one device
- Two dual-color combinations: red/green and red/blue LEDs with 360 degree viewing angle
- easy installation - A separate mounting base with a detachable device module configuration makes installation and maintenance easier
- Diagonal ultrasonic projection for installation at front    of parking space, which has higher visibility compare to installations directly above the parking space.
- an external control DIP switch to set detection ranges from 0.5 to 4.0 meters.
- Temperature effect on ultrasonic detection is automatically calibrated.
- Highly visible and long life Occupancy LED panel
- Displays number spaces left for assigned area
- “Full” indicator when all assigned spaces are occupied
- Adjustable direction arrow (Up, Down, Left and Right)
- Simplified wiring requirement: connecting all 256 - detectors with only two wires which including power source to all detectors and two-way signal communications

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