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Ticketing systems

AS Parking’s portfolio includes advanced ticketing control solutions for venues.

Key features in our ticketing solutions include easy handling, compatibility with different payment methods, simple integration with any kind of turnstile or speed gate, and advanced management and communications tools.

The control system is equipped with ticket validators that can either work independently or fully online within large access systems. Tickets normally include a barcode or quick response (QR) code for fast identification and efficient entry or exit through the turnstile gates.

AS Parking also offers a customisable software package to support different operational requirements.

All system components can be delivered and installed with our own turnstile gates and are easily compatible with all other access devices available on the market.

Complete and detailed information about Ticketing systems

Ticketing control solutions for all types of venues can include:

  • barcode or QR code
  • Contactless tags
  • On-line solution with data station
  • Advanced SW solution with option of custom
  • Stand -alone systems with remote management
  • Person flow counting
  • Integration with any kind of turnstiles or speed-gates

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